Life's Blood Ensemble Lords of Outland Deciduous Otherworld Ensemble Bloom Project
Manala Road to Aacheron The Otherworld Cycle

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Rent_Romus_Sacramento_2015_by_George_ThomsonRent_Romus_Sacramento_2015_by_George_ThomsonRent Romus, photo Peter B KaarsRent Romus, photo Peter B KaarsRent Romus In The Flow Festival 2012Rent Romus Photo by Nick ChaoRent Romus with soprano and alto saxophone photo by Nick Chao
left to right photo1,2 by George Thomson; photos 3,4, 5 by Peter B Kaars Double Horns; photo 5 by Diane-Mitchell; photos 7, 8 by Nick Chao
Life's Blood Ensemble photos by Peter B Kaars
Lords of Outland with Vinny Golia photo by Nick TurnerLife's Blood Ensemble photo by Mark PinoLords of Outland 2012 photo by Nick Turner
Lords of Outland w/Vinny Golia - photo by Nick Turner; Life's Blood Ensemble photo by Mark Pino; Lords of Outland - photo by Nick Turner